Monday, August 8, 2011

Tuesday 8/9/2011

TODAY's WOD is a Go!  No smoke in the park!


Today is skill development day!  What do you want to work on?  Are one of these your GOATS?  Get after it!! We'll get in a good warmup and then it's up to you.  We supply the coaching, you supply the desire.

Jump Rope-Double Unders- Check it Out!

Box Jumps-Max height- Check it Out!

Med Ball Cleans-Check it Out!

SDHP-Check it Out!

Kettle Bell Swings-Check it Out!

Push Jerk-Check it Out!

Days like this are built with fun in mind, but we are learning to master a skill.  I recommend you pick one skill and really spend the time learning how to OWN IT!

Jeff has Pullups!

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