Getting Started

PT In The Park offers a strength and conditioning program based on the use of a wide variety of functional movements.  These movements are used at varied levels of intensity in workouts lasting from only several minutes up to 30 minutes in length.  The coaches at PT In The Park motivate and inspire our clients to reach their personal fitness goals whether it be to lose weight, get off medications, perform better at their job, alleviate aches and pains, stay out of a nursing home, or just look better naked.  PT In The Park will start you on your journey to total fitness through nutrition counseling and expert coaching on complex movements. Our program is comprised of Endurance/Running, Olympic weightlifting, power lifting, kettlebells and basic gymnastics movements.  Our goal is get our clients to realize their athletic potential and achieve those fitness goals as quickly and as safely as possible.  
Be Ready for Anything!

Prior to training with us, print a copy of the waiver, sign and bring it with you.   


Our coach's invite you to come out and learn about our program through a free Intro Session. The Intro Session will give you a first hand opportunity to decide if PT In The Park is right for you.  One of our coach's will tell you about our program and how it is different than other training programs. 

To ensure that all of our clients are provided with every opportunity to succeed, we require everyone to get started in one of three ways: One-on-One Coaching, the Elements Class (small-group coaching), or by Testing Out.  Then you will be ready to start taking group classes.
Call to schedule your intro session today!  Be Ready for Anything!