Sunday, July 24, 2011



Here is my challenge to you!  Watch this video of Kelly Starrett talking about the 10 minute squat and then do your best to spend/acquire a full 10 minutes in this position.  It is a great way to relieve some tension on the lower back especially if you find yourself being overextended for long periods of time. 

***One important note-when you stand back up from this position always keep your shins vertical by pushing your knees back.  This will eliminate any shearing forces on your knee.  Good Luck and post your thoughts.

Mobility Video

Tim working on kettlebell swings!


  1. Wow…….. this 10 minute squat was a lot more challenging than I thought…………. I had to warm-up for the warm-up. Sal

  2. Is your warmup like a pregame? I like to have a few glasses of wine before I start any mobility movements. Helps me to relax and not make ridiculous pain faces.